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    high quality power transmissions for hard-working vessels

  • Kumera marine drives and gearboxes KUMERA MAIN AND AUXILLIARY MARINE DRIVES
    high quality power transmissions for hard-working vessels

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Kumera Main and Auxilliary Drives

KUMERA AS is a world leader in auxiliary marine transmissions having delivered high quality power transmissions to the maritime industry for more than 80 years. The company is a member of the Kumera Corporation of Finland.

Product portfolio includes:-

Norgear Marine Hybrid Propulsion Gearboxes

The operating modes for the tug or the workboat decide the fuel and emmission reductions which can be expected. A harbor tug is used for a large variety of tasks with various speed and bollard pull. Depending on the vessels operating pattern, considerable fuel savings can be achieved. In some cases fuel savings up to a level of 40-50% may be obtained with marine hybrid gear drives.

The classic operating modes for a harbor tug is; stop-harbor, idle/standby, transit, with loads from low, medium and up to full load. A study of operations over time will indicate the vessels operating profile.

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Norgear Marine Hybrid Propulsion Gearboxes

Fire-fighting Drives

Marine Gearboxes
Type FV – Vertical shaft offset
FVC – Vertical shaft offset with clutch
Type FG – Horizontal shaft offset
FGC – Horizontal shaft offset with clutch
FVIC / FGIC - Range of gearboxes integrated to the fire pump
Available for dual duty e.g. second PTO for hydraulic pump or shaft generator

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Kumera Fire-FIghting Drive

Stand-Alone Clutch Units

Hydraulic Clutches
Oil operated, multidisc type NKHU. Torque range 1 250 – 60 000 Nm.
Stand-alone unit with co-axial shaft offset, and mechanical oil pressure pump, cooler and filter.
The clutches are arranged for remote electrical operation via an electro-hydraulic valve with advanced control systems, engineered to give the correct format and rate of engagement for the application.
Standard range of clutches for closed coupled integrated firefighting pumps is available.

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Kumera Stand-Alone Clutch Units

Hydraulic Pump Drives

Kumera offers a range of twin input,single output gearboxes with or without built-in oil operated clutches for diesel or electric motor drive. Also single input, twin output gearboxes which permit for example a clutched drive to an azimuth propulsion thruster and a continuous drive to a ship service alternator. There are many variations possible offering cost effective and space saving solutions.

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Kumera Hydraulic Pump Drives

Generator Drives

Shaft offset arrangement

  • Vertical shaft offset
  • Horizontal shaft offset
  • Horizontal return shaft offset
  • Combined horizontal/vertical shaft offset

Auxiliary front-end drives for heavy duty applications,
various step-up & power ratios available for 2-stroke Engines or 4-stroke Engines

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Kumera Generator Drives

Thruster Drives

Typical applications are drives for tunnel and azimuth thrusters. Standard range KV1V-CB, DB, EB and FB sizes covering up to 3000 kW. With or without built-on hydraulic clutch.Stock housings and standard reduction gear ratios allow short delivery times. The KA range is available in various shaft arrangements. Also single input, twin output gearboxes wich permits for example a clutched drive to an azimuth/azipod propulsion unit and continous drive to a ship service alternator.

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KumeraThruster Drives

Two Speed Drives

Two speed gears can be offered for flexible use and with integrated clutches. Type FVCC with vertical shaft offset. Type 2FGCC with horizontal shaft offset. Specially designed for vessels with two operationale modes.

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