Marine Technology Solutions
  • Voith marine propulsion systems VOITH MARINE
    Precision vessel manouvering
  • Voith marine propulsion systems KUMERA MARINE
    high quality power transmissions
    for hard-working vessels
  • Refcon Container MOnitoring Systems REFCON 6
    perfect management of critical setpoints
    of reefer containers
  • Counter Fire Marine Fire Fighting FIRE-FIGHTING SYSTEMS (FFS)
    Engineered marine fire-fighting equipment


We are able to build on the trust that we have earned from our customers over the decades, not only with a leading global brand product offering but also through access to a diverse international pool of expertise.

This perfectly positions Integrated Ship Handling to deliver focused product and service solutions to our customers that translate to low total cost of ownership and best in class life cycle costs - second in importance only to the safety of personnel and assets

Graham Russell
Managing Director

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Global Partnerships to Protect Marine Assets

A GiGi Investments company, Integrated Ship Handling’s clients include vessel designers and builders, ship repair companies, port authorities and container terminal operators.

We are the Southern African agents and distribution partner for a portfolio of top international technology companies such as:-

Voith Turbo Marine
Voith Turbo has delivered propulsion and steering technology for more 80 years, with over 4 000 Voith Schneider Propellers delivered to customers around the world.
The Voith product portfolio includes the Voith Schneider Propeller, Voith Water Tractor, Voith in-line thrusters and the Voith Linear Jet.

Fire Fighting Systems (FFS)
Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of complete systems and packages with performance guarantees for external firefighting for the marine market.

FFS is renowned for superior engineered marine firefighting systems, available up to class fi-fi3. The FFS product range comprises pumps with drivers, gearboxes, fire water monitors, foam mixers, deluge systems, remote control systems and all related equipment for a complete package.

With more than 100,000 systems in service, Fogmaker offer high pressure water mist fire suppression system for vehicles and machines with enclosed engine compartment space. Fogmaker quickly detects, suppresses and extinguishes fires by generating a dense blanket of micro-water mist droplets within the protected area, and effectively eliminating all three components of the fire triangle.

Kumera has more than 70 years of experience as a manufacturer of mechanical power transmissions for the marine, offshore and industrial markets. Their marine gearboxes and drives are a reliable and cost effective solution for our rugged South African vessels.

Emerson Climate Technologies
Emerson Climate Technologies are world leaders in climate control systems. REFCON 6 is a revolutionary control system product that remotely monitors the conditions of reefer containers during transport and terminal storage, both critical activities in the cold chain.